Your question: What are tiny frying pans for?

What are small frying pans for?

Mini fry pans are perfect for making small dishes that need to be contained. … A perfectly round, fried egg. Keep the egg whites nice and thick while cooking your fried egg to perfection in a tiny fry pan. When you’re done, it’s the perfect shape to add to an English muffin or bagel for delicious breakfast sandwiches!

Is an 8-inch frying pan too small?

An 8″ skillet is ideal for making one fried egg, cooking a fluffy omelet, searing one small-sized salmon fillet, and sautéing ½ a pack of frozen veggies for a side dish. Don’t overlook the smallest skillet in the set, Sr. … Personally, I like 8-inch skillets and I think they should have a place in every home kitchen.

Can cast iron go in air fryer?

Because you can use Cast Iron in the oven or stovetop, makes it safe to use in an air fryer or the Ninja Foodi. It gets hotter than most pots and pans. … Rub the pan with a very thin coat of food-grade oil.

What is a mini pan?

A small sized pan that that is used for baking loaves of bread or meat loaves in smaller portions.

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