Is Country Crock plant butter good for baking?

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Can you use Country Crock plant butter for baking?

Yes! Country Crock® is great for cooking and baking. Certain Country Crock® products can be swapped 1:1 for butter in cooking and baking recipes: Country Crock® Baking Sticks and Country Crock® Plant Butter sticks and tubs. … Both our Salted and Unsalted Country Crock® Baking Sticks are perfect for baking.

Is plant butter good for baking?

Plant-based butters are often lower in saturated fat and higher in heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, compared with regular butter. Depending on the product, vegan butters can be a convenient substitute when cooking and baking.

What’s wrong with Country Crock butter?

(As an aside – even in its traditional packaging, Country Crock isn’t actually margarine. The product is a “spread,” a term for vegetable-oil products that didn’t meet the standards of margarine, which didn’t meet the standard for butter.

Which is healthier butter or Country Crock?

Comparing Butter With Country Crock

In general, salted butter contains 101 milligrams of salt, while a tub of Country Crock has 100 milligrams. … Country Crock also contains less saturated fat, 1.5 grams, putting it on the good side of fighting heart disease.

Is Country Crock plant butter shelf stable?

Country Crock ® Plant Butter Even butter lovers love it. Country Crock ® has less saturated fat per serving than dairy butter, but still has a delicious buttery taste. That’s not an expiration date by any means, and the margarine won’t spoil a day or two past that date.

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