How do you order mcdonalds fries?

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Can you order a bag of fries at mcdonalds?

McDonald’s Basket of Fries Is Available at Select Locations, And We’re Getting Hungry. … If you think McDonald’s fries are the best in the fast-food game, then we’ve got great news for you. A large order of fries just got even larger. In fact, you can now order as many crispy, golden fries as a cardboard boat can hold.

How do you eat McDonald’s fries?

Order fries from McDonald’s (or any other fast food restaurant that serves fries with a similarly shaped box). Hold fry box steadily in one hand. With your other hand, fold the taller side of said fry box down until it sits horizontally. Squeeze ketchup on to the newly-created horizontal flap.

How do you order extra crispy fries?

If you want them a little crispier, you can order them “light-well.” If you want them even darker and crispy, you can order them “well-done.” If you want them almost burnt and inedible, you can get them “extra well-done.” If you want them to be soft and terrible, you can order them “light.” You can even get them …

Are McDonald’s fries fresh?

Before being packaged up, the fries are partially cooked and flash frozen. Then they’re sent out to McDonald’s around the country. Don’t let your fries get lonely, take a look at these facts about McDonald’s chicken nuggets you probably didn’t know.

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How do you order in and out fries?

“Fries can be served in several ways: light, well, extra light, extra well, extra salt, no salt, and the famous Animal Style fry: topped with a layer of melted cheese, a splash of spread, and grilled onions.” You can also order your fries “light-well,” “a mostly-well-done-but-still-tender piece of salty magic.”

Does Mcdonalds do extra crispy fries?

You can ask them for well done fries. They’ll just let them cook twice as long.

Does In-N-Out double fry their fries?

In-N-Out makes such a good fast food burger. … Because they don’t double-fry their potatoes — and all of the best French fries in the world are cooked at least twice.