Frequent question: Can you add a side burner to a Weber grill?

Can you add a side burner to a gas grill?

Top Reasons to Add a Side Burner to Your Outdoor Kitchen. … For a more dramatic expansion, bring a side burner into any kitchen setup built around a different heavy-hitter than a gas grill — like a charcoal grill, a smoker, a pizza oven, and so on. But additional cooking versatility is just one perk of many.

Can you upgrade a Weber grill?

An easy upgrade to make to a Weber Kettle is replacing the standard grate with a flip side grate. This is a great feature to have for long cooks which may require adding charcoal or wood during the cook.

Are side burners on grills worth it?

Is a Side Burner Really Necessary? If your grill has a side burner, you may find it useful for cooking vegetables, sauces and other small foods. With that said, you don’t need a side burner to cook delicious foods on your grill. You can use your grill’s main grate for the purpose.

What is the side burner on a Weber grill for?

Side burners mean side dishes, and the uses vary from cooking corn on the cob, to sautéing onions and peppers while grilling Italian sausages, to heating sauerkraut while grilling hot dogs, to warming baked beans while grilling hamburgers.

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Can you remove side burner on Weber grill?

The left side shelf can be removed/not assembled without affecting performance. The right side shelf has a burner.

What is searing side burner?

The sear burner included on many higher-end gas grills is a powerful cooking tool. It uses a large number of small flames to heat a ceramic plate to very high temperatures. … Although it can be used for other purposes, its primary role is to sear steaks rapidly before they go onto the grill.

Can a searing burner be used as a side burner?

Yes, you can use the searing station as a side burner. The cooking grid has two positions. One for searing and one for cooking with pans.

How far should side burner be from grill?

Leave at least 1 foot between your refrigeration unit and any grills or side burners, barring them apart within the island structure. This keeps your appliances happy, ensuring that they can properly ventilate and last longer.