Quick Answer: How long does it take to cook a turkey in an Aga?

How long does a turkey take to cook in an AGA?

Season the bird, then weigh to establish the correct cooking time: for fast roasting in the AGA roasting oven, an 8-12 lb (3.6-5.4 kg) bird will take 1 3/4 – 2 hours; a 12 – 16 lb (5.4 – 7.25 kg) bird will take 2 – 2 1/2 hours.

What size turkey will fit in an AGA?

AGA cookers are known for their large ovens, but we are often asked ‘how big a turkey can I fit in my AGA oven?’ The answer is, the roasting oven is big enough for a 13kg (28lb) bird. When choosing your turkey or goose, you should bear in mind the number of guests you are having.

How long does a 20kg turkey take to cook?

As a general guide, in an oven preheated to 180C (350F, gas mark 4): allow 45 minutes per kilogram, plus 20 minutes, for a turkey under 4.5kg. allow 40 minutes per kilogram for a turkey that’s between 4.5kg and 6.5kg. allow 35 minutes per kilogram for a turkey of more than 6.5kg.

Is it safe to cook a turkey on low overnight?

You can slow roast a turkey overnight without checking on it periodically. Roasting a turkey is so much easier when cooked overnight. … Not just ok, your turkey will be moist and tender and ready for your finishing touches before you place it on the Thanksgiving turkey serving platter.

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How do you cook a turkey crown in AGA?

Place the turkey in a large AGA roasting tin, on a grill rack if you have one. Hang from the lowest set of runners in the roasting oven – or cook on the lowest shelf of a conventional oven. When nicely browned, after about an hour, baste, then cover loosely with foil and continue to roast in this position.

Can you use tin foil in an AGA?

Also use foil to protect the legs if they start to brown too quickly. 3. With an AGA cooker, basting is only needed very occasionally during periods in the roasting and baking ovens. … If necessary, remove the foil for the last 30 minutes to crisp the skin.

How do you cook goose in AGA?

For an Aga, roast it in the hot oven for 2½ hours for a 9lb goose and three hours for a 10lb–11lb one. Allow the bird to rest for 30 minutes before carving. Cold roast goose is delicious with more apple sauce and potatoes roasted in the surplus fat.

Is a 20 lb turkey Big?

If the result is less than 12 pounds, then multiply by 1.5 since there will be a little less meat. If the result is larger than 15 or 20 pounds then consider getting more than one turkey for the meal.

What Size Turkey Should you Buy?

People Turkey Size
12 12-18 lbs
14 14-21 lbs
16 16-24 lbs
18 18-27 lbs

Can you cook a turkey in a small oven?

A big bird in a small oven doesn’t work for many reasons. Consider cooking two smaller turkeys or chickens instead of one massive one. It will take less time and free up the oven to cook or reheat side dishes while the meat settles and cools before slicing.

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Will a turkey fit in a double oven?

And more and more come with double ovens, with a large one on the bottom and a smaller one on top. two same-sized ovens that can each handle a turkey. Testers were even able to fit a 26-pound turkey in each one! … If you’ve got your heart set on a double-oven range, you have more options with electric.