How do you bake a campfire?

What is cooking on a campfire called?

Roasting. Possibly the simplest method of cooking over a campfire and one of the most common is to roast food on long skewers that can be held above the flames. This is popular for cooking hot dogs or toasting marshmallows for making s’mores.

How do you cook over a fire pit?

The easiest trick, though, is to use aluminum foil to make anything. You can cut up chicken, steak, or fish, place it in a foil packet with chopped vegetables and a drizzle of olive oil. Then seal the packet by rolling up the edges so grease and oil doesn’t spill out, and you can place it directly on the fire to cook.

Can you bake over a campfire?

When you’re traveling long ways and camping for months at a time, the grind of canned food and grilled meat can get old. A good way to shake it up is to learn how to bake. Yes, it is time consuming, but it can be very tasty and fun.

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