How do you cut in cooking?

What are you to do when a recipe says cut in?

What does it mean to cut in butter? Cutting in butter means working large chunks of butter into dry ingredients (usually flour) in order to break the butter down into smaller pieces that are each fully coated in those dry ingredients.

What is cut in in baking?

Rate & Review. In preparing pastry, this refers to mixing a fat such as butter or lard with a dry ingredient such as flour until it forms particles of fat that are covered with the dry ingredient. A pastry-blending tool is most often used for this process.

What does cut in lard mean?

Cutting in the fat in a baking recipe is the process of working fat (typically butter, lard, or shortening) into the dry ingredients until it is starting to coat the flour and the pieces of fat are very small and so the fat is evenly distributed throughout the dry ingredients before the liquid is added to the recipe.

What is the cooking term to cut food into small pieces?

Chop and Mince Chopping means to cut foods into small irregular pieces. To mince is to chop finely. Use a chef’s knife for both tasks.

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