Can you freeze eggplant without cooking it?

How do you freeze raw eggplant?

To freeze eggplant:

  1. Slice the eggplant into 1-inch rounds. Place rounds on a parchment-lined baking sheet.
  2. Bake at 350° for about 15 minutes. Allow the rounds to cool completely (do NOT skip this step).
  3. Place slices in a freezer-safe bag. …
  4. Label with the date and freeze up to eight months.

Do you have to cook eggplant before freezing?

Prep and Freeze

You can also tackle freezing eggplant by cooking it prior to freezing. Cooking methods to use include grilling eggplant slices or roasting whole eggplants. Oven-roasting is easy. Prick whole eggplants multiple times with a fork, and roast them at 400ºF until they collapse.

Can you freeze eggplant without blanching it?

Place the eggplant slices in the boiling water and blanch them for 4 minutes. Blanching destroys enzymes in the eggplant that cause the vegetable to break down over time. If you do not blanch the eggplant, it will begin losing nutritional value, color, and flavor within a month, even if you freeze it.

What is the best way to preserve eggplant?

Once cool, halve the eggplant, scoop out the flesh, and freeze in freezer bags or containers. No matter which method you use, when stored properly, eggplant will last for up to one year in the freezer.

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How do you store eggplant long term?

Eggplants do not store well for long periods of time. Without refrigeration, eggplants can be stored in a cool, dry place for 1 or 2 days. If you don’t intend to eat the eggplant within 2 days, it should be refrigerated.

What happens if you do not blanch a vegetable before freezing it?

Blanching helps vegetables keep their vibrant colors and retain nutrients, and stops the enzymes that would otherwise lead to spoilage. Freezing vegetables without blanching them first results in faded or dulled coloring, as well as off flavors and textures.

Can you freeze fresh aubergine?

Whether it’s roasted, blanched, pureed or prepared as a dish, aubergine will keep in the freezer for around 6 months. As always, ensure you label anything you freeze with a clear use-by date so you can keep things well organised in your freezer.

Can you cook frozen eggplant?

Slip the frozen eggplant into ziptop bags, removing as much air as possible, and label them. The slices can be baked or fried straight from the freezer, no need to thaw.

How do you store cut up eggplant?

Storing Cut Eggplant

After you have cut up the eggplant, presumably to use it in a meal and having some leftover or preparing for a future dish, you should place it into a glass container. From there, you will need to drizzle some lemon juice over each of the pieces.

How do you blanch aubergines?

Blanching Eggplant

  1. Fill a large stockpot with a gallon of water. …
  2. While you’re waiting for the water to boil, peel the eggplant, and cut a bit off of both ends. …
  3. Once the water has reached a rolling boil, drop the eggplant rounds into the pot, and blanch them for four minutes.
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